How To Hack My Boyfriend’s Phone: Top 5 Apps for Seamless Monitoring

Relationships are all about commitment, and they often take mature minds to handle them correctly. Many people are curious to know if their partners are loyal during the relationship.

Unfortunately, not everyone stays loyal to their partners. Current statistics show that infidelity is more common in men than women. So, should you be worried about your boyfriend?

Given how complicated the situation can get, you might have reasons to be. Modern technology has enriched our lives with offerings that give people the leeway to hide things from others conveniently. With this in view, your boyfriend may cheat on you and use his phone as an adequate cover.

What can you do here? Well, one thing’s for sure — it certainly doesn’t help if you’re suspecting him without cold, hard proof. We’d imagine that you’ll quickly want to learn how to get into someone’s phone without knowing the password in a bid to find out the truth.

The Demographics of infidelity in America

Thankfully, there are handy spyware programs that grant you unfettered access to your boyfriend’s phone without his knowledge. Below we’ll show you five of the best alternatives currently on sale.


How To Hack Into Someone’s Phone With mSpy 

mspy spy app

mSpy is another capable spy app you can consider if you’ve been asking, “how do I hack my boyfriend’s phone?” It’s a comprehensive package with many premium spy features that ensures your boyfriend isn’t hiding anything on his phone away from you. 

For instance, mSpy has a keylogging add-on that records every single letter and words your boyfriend types on his phone 24/7. You’d also get a full-fat social media app monitoring system that scans through his WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat messages. Using mSpy, you can sift out deleted conversations.

Cheaters may try to store away pictures and videos of their escapades, which throws a curveball at anyone learning how to hack into someone’s phone for the first time. Thankfully, mSpy allows you to view downloaded, recorded remotely, and deleted multimedia files. 

What’s more?

mSpy has flexible installation versions that support whatever device your boyfriend uses. You also have tiered subscription options to fit your budget.

Pros & Cons


  • mSpy has highly stable tracking functions
  • The app has an organized and comprehensive dashboard system
  • Works on jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones for easier technical access


  • Each mSpy subscription is only valid on one device, making it expensive if you’d like to hack multiple phones
  • You cannot recover any lost data on mSpy if it gets wiped on the target device

How To Hack Someone’s Phone Remotely With eyeZy

eyeZy spy app

eyeZy is one of the leading spyware applications you can install on your boyfriend’s smartphone. With eyeZy, you can trawl newly-received information on his phone and send them to your Control Panel for your perusal. 

Overall, It’s a tidy little app for anyone trying to learn how to hack someone’s phone remotely, and your boyfriend would be none the wiser through it all. 

Some of the top spy features you’d get on eyeZy includes Keystroke Capture, GPS locator, multimedia files tracker, and many more. You’d be happy to know that the spy app supports Android and iPhones. Plus, installation doesn’t require technical skills.

How To Hack a Smartphone With Another Smartphone: Installation Process

You must note that you’d have to directly install eyeZy on your boyfriend’s phone. 
The installation process allows you to view the hacked data via the account you created for yourself. That said, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can hack a smartphone with another smartphone:

You must note that you’d have to directly install eyeZy on your boyfriend’s phone. 
The installation process allows you to view the hacked data via the account you created for yourself. That said, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can hack a smartphone with another smartphone:

How To Hack a Smartphone With Another Smartphone: Installation Process

  • Step One: Create an eyeZy account using a valid email on the official eyeZy website.
  • Step Two: Upon registration, eyeZy’s will send you a confirmation email and a link to your new control panel.
  • Step Three: Log in to eyeZy’s Control Panel with your email and password.
  • Step Four: Once you access the Control Panel, you’d find a complete guide on how you can install the eyeZy app on the target device. 
  • Step Five: Make physical contact with your boyfriend’s phone and complete the installation process. Ensure you have enough time, using the correct methods in the guide you have. 
  • Step Six: Once you finish installation, drop the phone and head to your Control Panel. Here, you’d get new updates on information on your boyfriend’s phone.

NOTE: You may have to seek consent from your boyfriend before installing a spy app on his phone. Some jurisdictions will consider it illegal if you act otherwise.

Hack a Phone Without Having Access to It With TheSpyBubble


If you have a hunch that your boyfriend is seeing someone else, TheSpyBubble should be your go-to spyware to get you the evidence you need. This solid spy app guides you on how to hack a phone without having access to it. Also, the spy app shows you the texts and calls your boyfriend has been making behind your back.

TheSpyBubble is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. With a web-based control panel to boot, you can hack into your boyfriend’s phone anytime you like, from anywhere using a browser. 

The app supports monitoring on most third-party social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat. Using TheSpyBubble, you can also access geofencing features and get automatic alerts on your boyfriend’s location in real-time.

Furthermore, TheSpyBubble allows you to see every browser activity on the target device. This spyware screenshots each web page your boyfriend visits. We’d imagine this helpful if he prefers to open dating sites on his browser.

Pros & Cons 


  • TheSpyBubble is comparatively cheaper than other spy apps on the market
  • You don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device, making it convenient to use if you’re not tech-savvy
  • The spyware syncs data between the hacked cell phone and your control panel quickly


  • You may encounter issues with the geofencing function
  • Some of the spy app’s premium features are only accessible if you have an iPhone

How to Get Into Someone’s Phone Without Knowing the Password With Haqerra


Hacking your boyfriend’s phone might sound over the top to most people. However, if you must do it, Haqerra is a spy program that gets you all the data you need without hitches. Using Haqerra, you can track calls down to the caller and time. 

What’s more?

Haqerra can track your boyfriend’s location and give alerts when he’s around an area. If he’s trying to hide by going offline, you can use the SIM location tracking function to monitor him even when his phone is off.
Do you need to track multiple social media accounts? Haqerra is up to the task as it supports revered platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and Snapchat. This spyware application allows you to get the hang of how to hack someone’s phone without touching it in no time.

You’d get all these in a package that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Additionally, Haqerra allows you to choose from a range of pricing plans.

Pros and Cons


  • Haqerra’s intuitive user interface translates into minimal technical know-how for usage
  • The spy app displays hacked SMS messages in a threaded conversation list for easy access 
  • Its keylogger arranges information on a per-app basis to avoid mix-ups


  • Haqerra has a comparatively higher price than many other alternatives on the market
  • Haqerra’s premium features are only accessible on jailbroken or rooted devices


Hack Someone’s Phone Without Touching It With Hoverwatch 

Hoverwatch spy app

Stealth and function are the hallmarks of any premium spy app, and it’s nice to see that Hoverwatch doesn’t disappoint in that regard. The program has a dedicated “Invisibility Mode” that you can toggle on and off when you need it. 

When active, you can hack your boyfriend’s phone without getting detected.

Furthermore, the spy app dives into any smartphone’s call history, trawling records of incoming and outgoing calls. As an extra, Hoverwatch seamlessly delivers the caller’s information and timestamps remotely. 

This comprehensive spy feature extends to texts and messaging apps as well. Hoverwatch lays bare text messages your boyfriend has received and sent. Even if he deletes anything, the spy app keeps the receipts!

Let’s say you want something more investigative on your quest to know how to hack into someone’s phone without password; Hoverwatch grants you access to the target device’s camera. Also, Hoverwatch allows you to take screenshots stealthily. 

That said, if you’d like to monitor your boyfriend’s social media, Hoverwatch supports popular channels like Facebook and Snapchat.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy installation
  • Regularly updated to trawl data effectively
  • Intuitive and navigable user interface


  • WhatsApp and Facebook monitoring requires rooting on Android phones
  • It isn’t compatible with iOS devices

Final Thoughts

Relationships ought to be about trust and loyalty. Unfortunately, some people may not respect that and cheat whenever they can. It doesn’t help that these people can use modern smartphones that hide their tracks more effectively.
However, all hope isn’t lost. You can use an app to hack into someone’s phone nowadays.

If you think your boyfriend is cheating on you, you can pry into his phone to get the answers you need. We’ve mentioned five of the best spy options at your disposal, highlighting their strengths and limitations to help you make the right pick.

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