Female Heroes


Amelia Earhart

Female Heroes and Role Models

Amazing women should inspire young girls to be amazing and inspiring women.  Being female shouldn’t get in the way of success.  It shouldn’t be a hardship or something to overcome.  Doing a great deed or creating an amazing device shouldn’t have to be prefaced with the phrase “despite being a woman.” Too many times it is, especially in the past when women had to toil to get their ideas and talents across in a male-dominated society.

And when I say the past, I mean the now.  Women are still not on equal terms with men. They are still seen as inferior. They still earn less than men.  They are subject tremendous ridicule and harassment

This has to stop.

We need to see women as more than victims, objects, or “other.”

We need to see women as heroes.

Amazing women should inspire young boys to become amazing and inspiring men.  It is OK for women to inspire men;  for women to be heroes.  Young boys should put posters of women on their walls – not as pinups, but as role models; heroes to look up to and inspire them.

How many of you looked at posters of a band and were inspired to pick up a guitar? Let's put up a poster of a scientist next to that band, or that sports star. The world is huge and there's a place for everyone in it - male or female. We can be inspired to work hard and achieve our goals.   

Amazing women should inspire us all. 


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