Miss Julia Emory - Suffragette


Over 150 Suffragette women were sentenced to jail time in the notorious Occoquan Workhouse, where some were force fed when they went on hunger strike.

Miss Emory was imprisoned several times in 1917, but the worst imprisonment came in November:

Only two days later Emory was arrested again in protest of Paul’s imprisonment. This time she was charged with unlawful assembly and sentenced to thirty days in prison. She served her time once again in the Occoquan Workhouse. Upon being committed to the Workhouse on November 14th, Emory and the other suffragists began a hunger strike to protest not being treated as political prisoners. In the early hours of November 15th and what would later be called the Night of Terror, Emory and her counterparts were beaten and eventually subjected to forced feedings. Lucy Burns that night was shackled by the wrists and chained to her cell with her hands over her head. Emory in a sign of solidarity raised her hands to the same position (Emory affidavit). In less than ten days, a judge decided they had been illegally committed to Occoquan and should be remanded to the District Jail. They were released on November 27th. (via suffragistmemorial)

This photograph is not dated was probably taken on December 7th, 1917, a few days after the Wilson administration released all Suffragate prisoners on November 27th after their suffering became public knowledge. In celebration they held a meeting where each picket members who were jailed were presented with this little pin, adorned with a heart-shaped lock. They were fashioned after similar brooches given to the British suffragettes.

Miss Emory remained a steadfast Suffragette loyal to her party and continued to protest in spite of her several imprisonments. She lived to the age of 93, passing away on February 1, 1979.

Photo Colored by Sanna Dullaway

Original Photo by Harris & Ewing 

https://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2016855805/ Original for comparison https://i.imgur.com/cBuzeHK.jpg


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