Pin No. 12 Celebrates Razan al-Najjar

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Pin No. 12 - Razan al-Najjar
This Wonder Women Design features Arabic text that has been translated for accuracy. An approximation in English means: powerful, leading, wondrous woman. It was created to honor  Razan al-Najjar. A volunteer medic, Palestinian fighter for women's rights, and a human being who made a huge impact on numerous people before she was tragically killed after only 21 all too short years. She died just a couple hundred yards from her home in Khan Younis, close to the fence that separates Gaza from Israel. It is alleged that a male Israeli sniper fired the shot that ended her life. We will never know the truth. Only that a young women full of promise, courage, and most importantly hope was wrongfully killed. But the memory of her deeds will never be erased. 

This Volunteer medic and fighter for equal rights will be the 12th person inducted into the Wonder Women Pin Collection.

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