Female excellence isn’t an exception to the rule

It is, however, vastly underreported

How Do You Change That?


How many female inventors, mathematicians, film directors, or astronomers can you name off the top of your head? Don’t google it. Can you name a dozen? Half a dozen? If you’re like me, then you probably struggled.  Sure you could name Amelia Earhart or Marie Curie. Maybe Sophia Coppola comes to mind when you think of Hollywood directors.  But after that it gets a bit harder. 

Repeat that exercise for notable men.  It’s easier. Why?

It isn't that women aren't as smart or talented as their male counterparts, it's just that their contributions have gone long unnoticed. Or misattributed. Or pushed to the side.  Or even worse, eliminated from history altogether. Woman have made countless contributions to the world -  in the arts, sciences, government, engineering -  you name it, and they did it.  Name a field and there’s an amazing woman.

Highlighting female excellence to spark a change in perspectives.

When everyone sees female excellence as normal we will be on our way towards a brighter future. 




That in a nutshell is what The Wonder Women Project is about. Why not join us in this journey?


Jeremy Burnichartist, designer, and founder of J O Y C O M P L E X

The impetus for much of his work - here is an example using jewelry  and one  with artist Kubrah Khademi - has been about education and fun.

This project is about how seeing women as role models can inform social change.